THE HYBRIS is an international Alternative Rock project of three friends. In the past we lived in Germany and played in various bands playing Rock, Punk, Alternative, before we were spread all over the world. Today we live in Nice, L.A. and Cologne, but still – and more than ever – make music. THE HYBRIS was born in 2020.

We are Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill – three wannabe comic superheroes on a mission to save the world. Join us!

And why this name? In greek tragedy ‚Hybris‘ stood for „exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, excess of ambition causing the transgressor’s ruin“. The perfect headline for the age we live in. Our lyrics often show political attitude – well, rock songs without attitude are crap, right? But why these silly masks? Isn’t this mask thing worn out? At first it was a stupid idea, but meanwhile we think it is pretty cool… Some suspect, we want to make ourselves more interesting than we really are. Others believe it is a smart move – since we’re incredibly ugly in real life. Say hello@thehybris.com


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For fans of…

  • „Modern, strong and with a Maneskin/Killers touch that I specially enjoyed.“ (Rock Cabeça, Brazil)
  • “Sounds like rock clubs packed with young people dancing to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Debbiehell, Brazil)
  • It reminds me a lot of classics like Joy Division, it has that dark touch that I like so much.“ (La Gramola Encendia, Spain)
  • „For fans of My Chemical Romance, Sisters of Mercy, Rage Against The Machine, and anyone who is invested in fighting against political injustices.“ (Send Me Your Ears)
  • „If you think you’d enjoy some alt-rock with a nihilistic feel and shades of Queen and Evanescence, give this a listen.“ (Right Chord Music, UK)
  • “Vocals reminds us a bit of QOTSA (Fuffa Recordz, Italy)
  • “Reminds me of The Clash (Amanda, vtcontar, Brazil)
  • I am reminded of the popular Brit band Feeder (SandPost Records, UK)
  • “Creates a sharp atmosphere infused by the sounds of Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and Stoner Rock. Resembling some early 2000s rock bands, namely Interpol and The Killers (Tano Jukebox, Brazil)
  • The guitar arrangements sounded to me a bit like The Strokes, the vocals kinda reminded me like an indie/alt rock version of Morrissey“ (Natália Barão, Brazil)
  • “I hear some The Cure influences” (Bandas Desconocidas, Argentina)


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