„THE HYBRIS delivers anthemic track Celebrate The Good Times. Written as an ironic statement about ignorance and immoderateness of the privileged, the track balances an introspective message with a joyous and attitude-laden electropunk soundscape showcasing the breadth of their genre-blended artistry spanning rock, indie, punk and pop. Formed by three friends who have gained gaining experience playing in various bands, THE HYBRIS who have made a space for themselves through powerful messages and infectious hooks has the potential to keep surprising us.“ – EARMILK, USA/Canada

„In today’s music landscape, it’s rare to find a band that seamlessly blends irony, social commentary, and infectious grooves like THE HYBRIS does on their latest single, Celebrate The Good Times. The lyrics are witty and biting. Without resorting to preachy moralizing, the band reveals the ridiculousness of the excesses of the wealthy classes through its use of irony. The production on this single is polished, yet retains the band’s raw energy. This results in a cohesive and immersive listening experience that showcases THE HYBRIS’ unique sound. Celebrate The Good Times is a triumphant new release that adds another dimension to THE HYBRIS’s eclectic repertoire.” – Music Arena, Ghana/UK

„The weird and wonderful world that THE HYBRIS exist in has consistently landed us with immersive, unique feeling and raw-edged alternative rock tracks that are packed full of deep messages and fun moments from wannabe comic superheroes Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill. Celebrate The Good Times has this cheerful, rousing exterior that belies the darkness of its premise, ironically calling for listeners to celebrate the “good” times with catchy abandon. THE HYBRIS continue to feel inescapably interesting and fun to listen to with each new release, and this track is just the latest showcase of their unique charisma and staying power.“ – CLOUT, UK

„Enticing, energizing, and downright captivating, such is the aura of THE HYBRIS’s epic rock track Celebrate The Good Times. Each guitar riff and vocal passage fuels your hunger to fight through the adversities of life and come out on top. This is especially the case whenever the singer is at his best and roars in an ode full of gritty passion. Aside from these attributes, the track itself pays homage to early 2000s alternative and punk rock. Which was a large part of my upbringing and led to the gates of musical freedom that I still cherish today. It feels like THE HYBRIS not only arrived at the same melodic entrance, they pounded the door and demanded their music be heard. If it were me on the throne granting permission to rock, well folks, I’d say these rebellious rockers deserve their moment in fame.” – Illustrate Magazine, USA

„Despite their separation, their powerful visual and sonic combinations have been lauded by fans and tastemakers alike. Their latest single “Celebrate The Good Times” is a thrashing new offering. The track features a colourful melting pot of pounding drums, driving bass lines and overdrive-soaked guitars. On top, vocals land powerfully and work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. “Celebrate The Good Times” manages to provide us with a futuristic rock sound that merges old and new together. With a growing but loyal fanbase, it seems that The HYBRIS have everything in the right place to push on forward.“ – Music Crowns, UK

„THE HYBRIS share the emphatic, high octane new single Celebrate The Good Times. Blending their punching rock tendencies, dappled electronics and atmospheric piano the track possesses a rich, multifaceted soundscape. Opening with punching drums and driving distorted guitars surrounded by a wash of filtering electronic FX, the track soon introduces the urgent, intense vocal delivery and atmospheric piano lines. Infectiously high energy, packed with catchy melodies and presenting layered, intricate musicality, this is more than just a fast paced rock tune.” – Backseat Mafia, UK

Celebrate The Good Times packs a punch with its ironic commentary on the excesses and lack of awareness of the privileged. THE HYBRIS bring out a level of fun and raucousness in a way that’s reminiscent of the sardonic character of old-school brit pop bands and their working class messages. Despite its serious message, the song’s lively instrumentation and infectious energy make it an irresistible party anthem.” – Find No Enemy, UK

“THE HYBRIS are providing a global audience a refreshing take on alternative rock. They create music under their monikers Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill – and they want to take on the world. Thier latest single Celebrate The Good Times is attitude drenched and will immerse you with it’s anthemic hooks. Pounding drums, distortion drenched instrumentation and infectious vocal lines all merge together to create their signature sound. We can see them reaching the top.” – FLEX, UK

„The HYBRIS is an international music project that commands an international audience. The HYBRIS’s refreshing sound merges elements of classic rock and new alternative together. Their latest single Celebrate The Good Times is an infectious new offering that features pounding drums, distortion-drenched guitars and infectious vocal lines. With a powerful sonic and visual partnership, we cannot wait to see what’s next in store for them. – VENTS Magazine, UK

Celebrate The Good Times has every chance to become a real rock hit, because their new release has all the details for it. A catchy vocal melody and an elastic rhythm with a characteristic punk attitude endow this musical composition with its energy and inspiration. – Indie Dock Music Blog, UK

“THE HYBRIS has been stamping the music scene more and more, and continues with very successful releases, praised by the specialized media and with great numbers on digital platforms. Celebrate The Good Times is a nostalgic trip to the 2000s presenting the old school sound of pop punk and the sensibility of modern rock, proving that the artists knew how to use all their influences and mix them in a peculiar way to create their own identity in the music scene. It reminds us of the vibe of MTV when videos of bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte were shown, but with modern tones from Muse and Arctic Monkeys, making the whole work wonderful.” – Headbangers News, Brazil

“With a defiant plan to save the world from arrogance, ignorance, exaggerated self-pride and egoistical ambition, THE HYRBIS use music to make a difference in this forsaken reality. Chaotic but soothing, fast and fierce but smooth, bold and powerful but with a tender vulnerability floating beneath, ‘Celebrate The Good Times’ is the anthemic roar of “yeah, that’s what’s happening but it won’t last forever” from the less privileged. As with ‘Imposter Syndrome’, THE HYBRIS uses pounding drums and dynamic guitars to create a heavy, hard-hitting punk-inspired base in ‘Celebrate The Good Times’. Interestingly enough, as with bands like Joy Division, a distortion exists in the guitar-soaked melody offering a slightly disconcerting discomfort in the song. Yet, despite this uncertain chaos flowing through your ears, there is a warm embrace in the richness of THE HYBRIS’ tone.“ – The Other Side Reviews, Germany

„The production on Impostor Syndrome is excellent, with every instrument coming through loud and clear, allowing the listener to hear every element of the song. Launching abruptly into a delicate and softly delivered outro, on Impostor Syndrome the band drops a fantastic release that showcases their incredible talent and unique style. The track is catchy, powerful, and emotional, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of alternative rock. It’s a great song that’s sure to get stuck in your head, and it’s clear that THE HYBRIS has a bright future ahead of them.” – Plastic Magazine, UK

“Our superheroes, THE HYBRIS, are back again with their in-your-face attitude, killer sound, and bold message with the intention to make the world a better place. We’ve featured THE HYBRIS in our magazine more than once before. Their latest release, Celebrate the Good Times, with its stern statement, showcases their characteristics and why they’re a one-of-a-kind rock band. It is another smash hit to be added to the band’s rich discography. The single flawlessly highlights their artistic identity: the intense sensibilities, the assertive, engaging performances, and the introspective theme.“ – Rock Era Mag, Egypt

„Fierce. I don’t know how else to express my impressions of this band. Ferocious like the wolves that appear in the video. Fierce like war and its aftermath which is the main theme of Keep the Wolves Away, their new single. Punk rock with a self-ironic vein but not too much. You feel that there is cohesion and craft between them, and they play as well as if they were there for you… and here is the magic: In fact, THE HYBRIS did everything remotely with a virtual studio. I understand and practice this for electronic music… but for a band like theirs, believe me they have done a miracle! Spontaneity and energy don’t lose an iota in the process. Technological evolution does not prevent them from using the historical and iconoclastic imagery of punk, with irony, dirt, comics and decisive political positions.“ – System Failure, Italy

„THE HYBRIS is a very particular music group because it does not hesitate to approach very sensitive subjects. Keep The Wolves Away is a mixture of punk, rock and pop, the band has the secret formula to produce quality works. Although it was released only a few weeks ago, the track is being heard by many listeners around the world. THE HYBRIS‘ vocal versatility is very natural, and the tight, incredibly smooth drums create an engaging groove, anchored by heavy, surfy, melodic riffs that create a fluid dynamic flow that runs through the song structure from start to finish. Given the quality of this band’s previous work, we remain eager to discover new songs.“ – Iggy Magazine, France

“We love this band’s style, and their music is quite possibly our favorite genre to cover on the blog. The track is packed with energy, and it’s really some good stuff to listen to all day long. The instruments are amazing, and the lyrics are meaningful and well-written. The chorus is outstanding and will get stuck in your head in no time. You may find yourself singing it out loud by the next morning. It’s a great experience from start to finish and one of the best tracks we’ve heard in months.” – Bored City Blog, UK

“Enter THE HYBRIS with this anthemic song about saving the world. What if is about the world burning as we stand smiling the match wondering why. Our children and our children’s children are long going to pay for our misdeeds now. The lyrical display has a funky tinge to it as it exists within the rock genre and dips into a powerful melodic range. The guitar is raucous with guiding riffs and the drums keep a funky beat. This song is a beautiful mishmash of punk, rock, and funk.” – Red Rock Magazine, USA

“The mysterious trio known as THE HYBRIS are back and ready to keep saving the world through the power of music. To achieve such a goal, these masked musical heroes have unveiled a brand new song called Celebrate The Good Times which is a riveting track brimming with good ideas. The track proves these fellas are not afraid of trying new things, this composition is a welcomed change of direction in this band’s catalogue. Their presentation and intriguing concept make THE HYBRIS an ideal option for those searching for an interesting new rock band to listen to.” – Right Chord Music, UK

“The album Music, Vol. 1 has a very melodically based feel and though the songs can be heavier at times, they are always oriented in the pop genre underneath it all but with these bursts of righteous riffs and exciting rhythms. You get classic bopping UK style punk rock and all kinds of changes. This record is actually quite powerful as the songs change from an emotional subtle softness to a rocker within seconds. You can easily tell the band is going to be great in a live setting and they portray so much presence and energy in the form of hooks that get stuck with you for ages. Bang your heads and sing along with THE HYBRIS.” – Ragmag, USA

„For fans of rich and powerful music, THE HYBRIS has a new song out that’s more than worthy of your attention, trust us. Titled What if, the new single showcases an impressive performance filled with passionate songwriting and energy so original you’ll be humming and singing along in no time. And it’s safe to say that we are fans now, and we can’t wait to hear what else THE HYBRIS are working on, but in the meantime, we will keep What if on repeat.” – Lost In The Nordics, Norway

Silent Violence is catchy, and the lyrics are clever and well-read. The chorus is the kind that leaves you walking away, humming the hook as they pull you in from the first listen. The drums and guitars are a piece of art in this record, and the singing voice is amazing. After our first listen we got hooked quickly to their energetic vocals and their professional performance. We can’t wait for their next songs. This catchy song is a unique experience from start to finish, we hope you love it as much as we do!“ – Pretty White Blog, UK

What if is the new single from the brilliant THE HYBRIS, powerful and explosive indie rock. The track has a powerful chorus that quickly catches us making us sing along, it is intense and powerful, full of attitude and energy. Sounds like punk rock in some moments, a sense of freedom hits us when we sing this song. THE HYBRIS has shown itself as a strong band in the world rock scene and will grow if it continues with releases so good like this. Happy to follow the evolution of the band and their career.“ – Indie O Clock, Brazil

“THE HYBRIS flaunt expressive instrumentals and powerful post-rock vocals in their latest single, Impostor Syndrome.’ From the very beginning, it’s a track that grabs you by the scruff of your shirt and pulls you in. It’s heavy, it’s fast, but it retains a melody that will move you down to the core. ‘Impostor Syndrome’ ironically couldn’t feel any more like THE HYBRIS’s signature sound. They have honed it to an electric, eclectic post-rock point that is so sharp it can poke at the very soul, making it fizz with energy. More from THE HYBRIS = More great music.” – TJPL News, USA

“Ultimately, what most impressed me was THE HYBRIS’ ability to create conceptual songs that tell a musical story. Full of big hooks, catchy riffs, huge emotions, it’s one of those songs you can enjoy like a movie. These three friends and fellow musicians are clearly highly skilled when it comes to creating fiery rock anthems, you only need to listen to the raucous energy, searing riffs and crashing drums to understand that.” – Purple Melon, UK

Impostor Syndrome comes as an appropriate continuation of their previous works, but it also carries some innovations in terms of writing, composing, and production. It sounds slightly heavier, more energetic, and complex compared to the remainder of THE HYBRIS‘ discography. Still, you’ll notice this composition perfectly matches anything these highly creative musicians released in the past. It’s nearly mind-blowing how this song resonates with so many melodies, harmonies, and dynamics until the band calms down the pace and leaves vocals and guitar leads as a closure. You’ll notice how the entire band paid so much attention while constructing this catchy number. These guys proved once again why they’re one of the best new bands on an alternative scene.” – Thoughts Words Action, Serbia

„THE HYBRIS’ Keep The Wolves Away is a song that charges up your guts and emotions right from the beginning. This exceptionally hard-hitting track is noteworthy due to its musical composition and lyrical brilliance. It sends a message to the people regarding the deadly and uncontrollable threats that the wars put our nations. It preaches to us to utilize the freedom that democracy gives us by choosing a leader. The official video of the track is making us realize that our choices are incredibly flawed, and we must not let inhuman leaders rule over our families and nations. It is a song everybody should listen to. It gives us the strength to try and bring a positive change to society by utilizing our rights!“ – Sinusoidal Music, India

“The keen reader will remember THE HYBRIS, an international rock outfit with meaningful and socially relevant lyricism at its core. Latest effort Keep The Wolves Away manages to build up tension and grittiness, delivering solemn, anthemic vibes. The song seeks to reflect on war and its toll on the planet. Genre-wise, the record is drenched in punk-rock, showcasing once again the instrumental prowess possessed by Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill, the fictional wannabe superheroes identifying as the humans behind the project. Why should you listen to THE HYBRIS? Well, in a world of superficial lyricism and trend-grabbing art, the three rockers walk their own path towards honest artistry and timeless songwriting. Moreover, by removing their ‘human’ figures, the group can fully focus on their songs, without external distractions. That’s a rare gift nowadays.” – Mesmerized, UK

“A dark, haunting guitar opens the proceedings. Understated and brooding, it’s joined by an almost militant drumbeat, instantly establishing the track as something much heavier than many of their previous releases. Though recorded remotely, there’s a surprising level of cohesion for a single recorded across continents. Vocals intertwine, veering between a clean traditional rock delivery to something straight out of the ‘80s hardcore handbook. It’s a dichotomy that’s reflected throughout the track. Sparse verses allow the lyrics to really resonate, while weighty and impactful choruses provide a sense of catharsis that’s missing from the more understated sections. For anyone that’s grown-up worshipping at the alters of thrash metal, ‘90s alternative, or even nu-metal, there’s plenty to enjoy across the track’s almost-four-minute run time. An interesting release from a band that defies expectations.” – RGM, USA

Keep the Wolves Away explores a storming, chaotic, contrasting sonic texture that instantly stands out from all THE HYBRIS’s previous releases. They have created very vivid, almost palpable imageries through this song, but it’s also rich of melodic appeal. The determined guitar riff and high tensity vocals have you fully engaged, head banging, blood boiling. For THE HYBRIS, rock n roll and punk rock have already gone beyond the sound to its spirits, attitudes and core value. Leaning toward the tougher side, stepping into the genre of metal, they are unapologetic and hard core. Unlike the traditional punk lyrics, their lyricism are articulated with introspection and depth. A flair of poetry, reflecting the world without being too explicit. They certainly carry a sense of grace and style. Even though the lines are charged with emotions and angst.” – Punk Head, USA

“International alternative rock project continues to make waves with infectious anthemic hooks and socially-conscious lyricism. With Celebrate The Good Times, THE HYBRIS shows that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is fresh, catchy, and full of attitude, and their message is one that resonates with many. The single is a testament to the band’s creativity and talent, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.” – SONO Music Blog, UK