From dusty pastures to savoir-vivre – the turbulent youth of Beanie Bison

The vast expanse of Utah’s wide plains, where the amber waves stretch as far as the eye can see – this is where a young bison named Beanie took his first tentative steps. Born into a herd on the sprawling ranch of a radical right-wing farmer named Chuck, Beanie’s world was defined by the rhythmic graze of grass and the distant hum of the ranch machinery. Life under the watchful eye of Chuck was not … Read more

Crimson neon shadows – the origin of Ringo Rabbit in the capital of sin

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, where neon lights flicker to the rhythm of pulsating music and the air is thick with the scent of exotic spices and the promise of revelry, a small rabbit named Ringo took his first breath. He emerged into a world of ceaseless celebration, where the night was alive with laughter, clinking glasses, and the distant beats of music that seemed to resonate through the very streets he called home. … Read more

Rainy boot camp for the City of Angels – the early years of Malcolm Mandrill

The primal scream echoed through the underwood of the Muara Angke Wildlife Refuge. A new life began, and another ended, as the heart of the dense Indonesian jungle bore witness to the arrival of a tiny mandrill monkey named Malcolm. Born into the lush tapestry of nature’s grandeur, Malcolm’s entry into the world was marked by tragedy – his father, a guardian of the jungle, fell victim to the ruthless hands of poachers, and his … Read more