Ringo Rabbit

Ringo is the man with the ideas. None of them have ever worked yet, but that’s another story. He talks fast and he talks a lot. And he can be a real pain sometimes, but someone has to do it. The little rabbit keeps the pack together and sets the direction, he is hyperactive. But this kind of mission needs to be pushed forward. And he likes singing.

Beanie Bison

He is the pure force in this game. On the mission to save the world, Beanie is the one you better not get in the way of. He thinks of himself as Terrence Hill, but he’s more of a Bud Spencer type, if you know what we mean. Sometimes you need a guy who does his thing and just bangs the wall with his head. Booom! And he is a king on the guitar.

Malcolm Mandrill

Malcolm is the technician. Every mission needs that one freak who can turn off the alarms, hack into any highly secured computer system in 3 seconds, and come up with a plan to get into the damn vault. He doesn’t like to talk, but that’s ok. As long as he comes up with a solution. So better not talk to him. Leave him alone. And he is the beat machine.

Supporting Cast

Goof Boy